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Specialty Lines Insurance - Craft Brewers and Distilleries

Specialty Lines Insurance - Craft Brewers and Distilleries

Specialty Briefs

Craft Breweries and Distilleries Grow but doing so with the right protection is key

Brewing beer requires the right combination of ingredients and time to produce the best results. Putting together an insurance program for a brewery is no different.  Experience allows us to craft the right mix of coverage to protect your investment and we are willing to take the time to make sure we get it right.


General Liability & Liquor Liability

Most businesses only carry a general liability policy to protect them from damage to persons or property caused by the business's product or service.  Breweries and Distilleries need this coverage but it is certainly not all they need. Just as important to a craft brewery is liquor liability.  Often policies will have coverage for “host liquor liability” and uninformed agents and customers feel this is enough. It is not.  That's why we take the time to carefully explain the insurance you are buying and tell you how it works instead of just mailing you a policy.  We like to think that's one reason so many craft breweries call on us for their business insurance.


Federal TTB Bond and State Bonds

When you are starting a brewery or distillery you must often provide tax bonds to state Alcohol Beverage Control authorities and the Federal Department of Treasury.  We can provide the original documents you need so that you can satisfy these agencies.  We can also help with arranging the rest of your insurance program.

Federal Department of Treasury Brewer's Bond
Virginia ABC Malt Beverage Manufacturers, Bottlers or Wholesalers Bond

Product Recall and Contamination

Optional coverage for the expense of recalling product can be provided.  Likewise, damage to stock by contamination can be covered for beer that is rendered unusable by contamination. The expense of product recall or contamination can be an unexpected expense that most breweries can ill afford.

Special Events/Tasting Rooms

Changes in laws in many states allow for breweries to serve beer onsite much the way wineries have for many years. Many breweries hold special events onsite or in locations that require amending the policy or the purchase of a standalone special events policy.  We can help you identify when this coverage is needed and make sure your policy covers all regular onsite activities.

Property Insurance: Most people understand that if your building burns down the insurance company will write you a check. This is only part of the risk that needs to be managed in a brewery. Spoilage, Business Interruption, Equipment Breakdown and a host of other coverage must be considered to protect your brewery.

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Contact Sherwood Bowditch at 1-888-342-2311 to discuss your brewery's risk management and insurance needs.

Please feel free to browse our Specialty Line Best Practices Briefs  (available in PDF).

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